Vivah Dampatya Puja

Vivah Dampatya Puja

Maintaining relationships with family members is becoming harder and harder as people are getting busier with their own lives and have little to no time for other, even family. This pooja will lessen the chances of disputes between loved ones and increase understanding and will make their bond stronger.


It plays a role in fulfilling the exact needs to the people, even for married couples. It lessons the chances of disputes and increases love and understanding. It can also be performed for husband and wife who have separated, or are thinking of separating. It increases trust, faith, confidence and understanding between two people, or families.


It enhances the relationship between two people, like husband and wife or between families. It makes a spiritual connection between people, which helps in better understanding and faith building. It makes bonds between families stronger and unites them. It helps the couples in leading a cheerful and fulfilling life.


Only pandits should perform the pooja as it includes very powerful vedic mantras and after every mantra the name of  the family members or husband wife should be taken.

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