Vastu Shanti Puja
Vastu Shanti Puja and Hawan

Vastu Shanti Puja

Vastu is an ancient Hindu way of architecture and buildings, which helps built the place in the most scientific way possible and helps absorb the elements in the nature for wealth, health and protection from negative energies.


Vastu Shanti Poojan is very important as it helps in freeing the house from negative energies and evil spirits. It involves worshipping all the five elements of nature and thanking them for providing us with this life and sustaining it, and also for protecting it from things, which are alien to us. It also helps us seek forgiveness to those organism which were harmed during the construction.


It removes all sorts of negative energies from the house. It also gives peace to the members of the family and helps them in maintaining good relationship with the family. It also purifies the house from the inside.


  1. The first step of performing Vastu is planting an auspicious tree like tulsi at the entrance of the house.  Then the priest recites the mantras.
  2. During the mantra jaap, the head of the family offer grain, rice, flowers and petals to the mother earth. During this the sprinkling of the Gangajal with the help of mango leaves is also done to the whole house.
  3. Then a hawan is performed.
  4. The prayers are offered and the havan is done by with full dedication and devotion. The havan is to be performed at a particular direction like west or south where all the religious books are supposed to be placed, and the deity is worshipped.
  5. Once the puja is over then a pit is dug and all the things that were used in the puja are placed in it and covered.

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