Vahan Puja

Vahan Puja

Vahan Pooja is a Hindu ceremony to bless a new car and keep it safe from outside negative influences. It is an invocation to god to keep the vehicle safe and around and to ward off evils from near the vehicle. It is said that if Vahan Poojan is done then Lord will watch over it and protect the passengers who travel by it.


Hindus believe that life exists in the most mundane and lifeless things too. They honor Gods and treat them as this powerful spirit and entity. It is a method to cleanse the vehicle and remove all the negative effects of everything from the vehicle. It shows our gratitude to Lord, as it is a means of saying thank you to him as he provided us with the opportunity to be successful and buy the vehicle.


It safeguards the vehicle against accidents and mishaps. It blesses the vehicle. It also blesses the people who drive the vehicle or sit in the vehicle to travel. T helps the driver keep a calm mind and relax and drive with a clear head and not get into petty fights.


  1. The pujari starts pooja and then gives holy water to the person whose car it is to sprinkle it on the vehicle.
  2. Then rice is sprinkled on the vehicle.
  3. Then a Swastika is drawn on the vehicle.
  4. Again on the Swastika is rice is sprinkled.
  5. Hen incense sticks are lit.
  6. Then a Ganesh idol is placed in the vehicle to bless it with the divine presence of Lord Ganesha.
  7. Then lemons are placed der each tire and then the driver is asked to drive so that it removes all traces of negativity.

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