Sat Chandi Puja and Hawan

Sat Chandi Puja and Hawan

Sat Chandi Pooja is done to impress and take blessings from Maa Durga who is also referred to as Chandini. She is considered to the divine mother of all and protector of all. The Sat Chandini Yagna is said to be the most powerful Hindu chants and if performd together, Goddess Durga will not only bless everyone but the yagna cleanses and purifies all the surroundings.


As it dignifies the victory of Goddess Durga over demon Mahishasura, it means that truth will always win over lies and negativity. The yagna is done to invoke her and get her blessings, and give strength to peple to fight from troubles and hurdles in their life.


It can help people get rid of witchcrafts and black magic done on them. It cleanses the mind and soul and gives mental peace. The person will get wealth and prosperity and will get the power to fight from the demons in their life. all the dreams and aspiration come true when this pooja is performed in the right manner.


  1. Take a bath to rid yourself of all the negativity and to cleanse your body, mind and soul.
  2. Then talk about the purpose of the yagna.
  3. Praise and worship Lord Ganesha.
  4. After that, the Mahurat poojan is done.
  5. Then the Kalash Sthapana is done.
  6. The Sat Chandi pooja is perfomed and Durga Saptashati is recited.
  7. The Prasad is offered to the Goddess Durga and later after its blessed its distributed among the others.

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