Santan Gopal Puja for Attaining a Healthy Child

Santan Gopal Puja for Attaining a Healthy Child

Being a parent is the desire almost all humans on Earth have. Couples, who want to have a child, always pray to The Almighty to have a safe and healthy child. In Hindu mythology, when a woman due to some circumstances cannot conceive a baby, it is said that if you pray to Lord Krishna, he will bless you with a healthy and beautiful baby.


Santan Gopal Yagna makes ways when you see all the others doors shut, and it helps you by removing all the negativity and obstacles from your life. it brings out positive and energies and fills the life of the individual with harmony and peace. It also helps the couple and blesses them with the responsibility of a child.


It minimizes risks while conceiving a child for the mother. It brings about positive energies and removes all the negativity for the mother and the entire family. It is the greatest blessing for a couple to have a child and Santan Gopal yagna can help you seek blessing from the divine power of Lord Krishna and have a child.


  1. The Kalash sthapna is done
  2. Then the Panchang Sthapana is done
  3. Then 64 yogini pooja is done
  4. Then 108 chants of each planetary mantra is recited
  5. Then invocation if Lord Krishna and other Gods and Goddess related to the Santan Gopal is done
  6. After that Recitation of Santan Gopal Stotram starts and then Santan Gopal Mantra Japa starts, and then the Yagna is done
  7. At the end the arti is performed
  8. Then the Brahmin bhojan is done

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