Services are available for only Pune, Navi Mumbai & Mumbai

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“You may have to undergo several obstacles in order to achieve the success. The obstacles are nothing bus negative energies surrounding you. Remedy Pujas are the answer to the question of how to overcome negative energy. The powerful vibrations will get rid of negative energy in any form— enemies, accidents, evil eye casting and other hostile elements. The Divine Power will shield you with positivity, peace and prosperity forever.

Kalash offers a variety of remedy Pujas to conquer all challenges and to eliminate your misfortunes, health ailments, obstacles, rivalry and other bad spirits! You can select a Remedy Puja from below. In case you are not sure of which Puja to organize, ask our Learned Gurus and PanditJis for recommendation.”

List of Remedy Pujas

Services are available for only Pune, Navi Mumbai & Mumbai

List of Remedy Pujas

Homam or Puja for Jobs, Promotions & Career Growth

Homam or Puja for childrens' success in study

Homam or Puja for Gun Dosha Nivaran Homam

Homam or Puja for good health and well being

Homam or Puja for success in business

Homam or Puja for travling abroad

Homam or Puja for Mental Well-being

Homam or Puja for higher education

Puja for effects of black magic, vasheekaranam & Evil Spirits

Homam or Puja for Early Marriage and Removing Wedding Obstacles

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