Puja for Occasions

Puja services are offered in pune only. We need at least 3-days for Preparation

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Puja, a Sanskrit word signifies worship or paying tribute to the Holy, divine power. Puja is a type of divine connection between Heart and God. The universal spirit or the Divine power gets connected to humans when they offer their Puja. In return, the Divine power offers blessings. It is believed that Puja has a strong power that can help to break free the karmic energy of the house. It also possesses the karmic energy which spreads around the positive energy with prayers and chants. Puja helps to form a strong bond with our inner self and the inner self of God.

There are several kinds of Puja performed in different ceremonies signifying the range of consciousness. Kalash offers over 30 Puja and Homams, customized as per your need and can be organized either at your home or at temples to mark certain stages of life, events and festivals. Click on the Puja to see the details.