Favorable Gemstone

500.00 350.00


Favorable Gemstone

500.00 350.00

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Gem Consulting
Analyses your horoscope and Recommends the gems to be worn

  • Before recommending the most suitable gem, critically analyses planetary effects (Strong/Weak, Favorable/Unfavorable) and lordships of houses
  • Suggests specific gems to strengthen the effects of specific planets
  • Ruby for Surya (Sun), Pearl for Chandra (Moon), Coral for Mangala (Mars), Emereald for Buddha (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire for Guru (Jupiter), Diamond for Venus (Shukra), Sapphire for Sani (Saturn), Hessonite for Rahu and Cat’s eye for Ketu
  • Considers the therapeutic qualities of gemstones and uses Stellar healing principles and recommends gems as remedies for specific problems and illness
  • Gems are recommended for Birth Stars as per the Indian system and for Birth months as per Western system. Tells you When and How to wear the Gem
  • Information on the day you should start wearing gem, the metal on which the gem is to be set, its carat size, the finger to wear it etc.
  • Mentions the time you should change or stop using a gem.


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