Maha Rudra Pooja

Maha Rudra Pooja

Maha Rudra Pooja is done for seeking blessings from Lord Shiva. The Vedic chants of the Maha Rudra are the oldest one written. Through chanting these mantras, the goal is to seek Lord Shiva, who is easily pleased and always sees the positive side of the people, to bless them and ask him to remove obstacles from life.

Service from Kalash

We provide free consultation on how to organize Puja, Puja vidhi and muhurat.  Please note, Maha Rudra Puja cannot be performed on certain days. It is advisable to take free consultation from a qualified Panditji.

At Kalash, You can book the whole package, which includes the following:

  1. An expert and qualified Pandit ji to perform the yagya/puja/hawan
  2. All puja items required (excluding perishable items such as milk, fruits, flower, prasadam etc.)

The pricing will include travel and daily allowance for 11 Panditji for 9 days.


Maha Rudra pooja is said to remove all the obstacles from life of the seeker. As it is one of the oldest written text, it is also said to be very powerful and so, it releases immense amount of energy. It also washes away sins not only from this life, but previous lives that the person has spent on this Earth.


This pooja helps remove evil effects of Naksatras from one’s life. Not only that it is said to remove all sorts of sins, it also helps the person grow spiritually and helps one overcome one’s enemies and turn them into friends. It also helps in maintaining mental and peace and stability, all sorts of relationships and brings prosperity and happiness.

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