Daily Puja Vidhi

Daily Puja Vidhi


The world is moving at a fast pace, and no one has time for anything. However, Puja is one of the most important things as per the Hinduism. While many people have house priests or purohits to conduct the Puja, many prefer carrying the puja out on their own.

As per Hindu rituals, conducting daily Puja is one of the most common ways to devote yourself to divine power. The Puja is an act of thanking the divine power for fulfilling all our wishes. Over time, daily Puja has gained extreme importance among the people. Since it is a holy and sacred activity, many people prefer beginning their day by offering puja to God’s.

You are not bound by age, gender or caste while performing Puja if you have complete faith and dedication towards the lord. Conducting puja daily will make you come closer to God and connect with them. Carrying out Puja even in a simple manner can be extremely satisfying for you.

What is Daily Puja?

Puja or Pooja is a Sanskrit word indicating the devotion and worship to God. The Puja which is performed daily is known as Nitya Puja. Everyone offers day puja as a sign of gratitude towards God for blessing everyone with human life.

Why is puja carried out in the morning?

Beginning the day by remembering God is considered to be pure and holy in Hindu culture. As a result, daily pujas are performed in the house usually in the morning. Apart from this, it is believed that carrying out daily Puja in the morning can bear positive results. It helps to soothe and calm the mind. Moreover, it promotes inner peace by promoting our body to enter a state of meditation.

How to perform Puja Vidhi?

If you are looking forward to carrying out daily Puja Vidhi, you will need to prepare for it. You should begin it by preparing the temple. Usually, the homes have small rooms or praying areas where they offer prayer. The first thing to do is to prepare the idol and the praying area for the vidhi after taking a bath. After that, the plate needs to be arranged with Pooja Samagri such as Tilak, flowers, and Prasad. Then, one should chant the Mantras and offer gratitude and prayer to divine power. Light the Diya and candles and conduct the prayer for the welfare of all.

Why is daily Puja Vidhi necessary?

It is believed that conducting daily Puja in the house can bring about positive results. Since it pleases the deity, one can easily obtain the positivity and blessings from the deity. Also, daily Puja helps to purify the house and environment thereby maintaining the sattvikta of the house.

When should Puja Vidhi not be conducted?

If anyone tries to carry out Puja Vidhi without taking a bath, they should be restricted from doing so. It is believed that doing such an activity, angers the deities.

One should always face the east during puja while the temple should be placed in an east-west direction.

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